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Guangzhou Precise Heater Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Precise Heater Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Precise Heater Co., Ltd.
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Business Type: Manufacturer
Main Market: North America
South America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Eastern Asia
Southeast Asia
Middle East
Brands: Precise Heaters
No. of Employees: 80~100
Annual Sales: 5,000,000-10,000,000
Year Established: 1992
Export p.c: 70% - 80%
Multek: Foxconn
Process Automation International Limited: STS
Baker Technology: Uyemura
About Us

Guangzhou Precise Heater Co.,LTD is a global, China-based company focused on designing and manufacturing world-class thermal and power supply products. We are committed to creating quality products that are safe, precise, and clean for the industries we serve.


We serve the semiconductor, solar, medical, automotive, aerospace, printed circuit board, flat panel display, jewelry/watch, electroplating, and aquaculture industries.


Precise Heater, established in 1992, serves industries that include Semiconductor, Flat Panel Display (FPD), Microelectromechanical (MEMS), Nanotechnology, Photovoltaic (PV, solar cell), Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), Biomedical and Pharmaceutical. Precise Heater’s product offering includes LUFRAN™ Fluoropolymer DI Water and Chemical Heaters, Quartz DI Water Heaters, Fluoropolymer & Quartz inline Chemical Heaters, Electric Immersion Heaters, Immersion Coils Heat exchangers, High-temperature Filter Chambers, Solvent heaters, Nitrogen heaters, and Rectifier Power Supplies. Semi S2/S3 and CE compliant; ETL/UL and NRTL certified. ISO 9001:2008, including design. The Precise Heater Headquarters and product development center is based in Guangzhou,Guangdong Province,China.


As a World-Class Industrial Technology and thermal products leader, PreciseHeater designs and manufactures heating solutions consisting primarily of electric resistive heaters, temperature sensors, temperature and power controllers and supporting software – all the components of a thermal system. We partner with our customers to optimize thermal performance, decrease design time and improve the efficiency of products and applications.

We bring 30 years of experience to numerous industries, including semiconductor processing, clean environmental technology, energy generation, diesel emissions, medical and food service equipment.



1992 -Dr.Leo founds Precise Heater in Guangzhou to manufacture Electric Heating Elements for the shoe industry. The company name Precise Heater is selected referring to "low-watt" heaters to replace steam heat. Precise Heater produced its first heaters in a rented corner space on the second floor of a machine shop.

1993 - Precise Heater pioneers the use of electric heat in brick presses with strip heaters and standard cartridge heaters, replacing the more costly steam process.

1994 - Precise Heater builds its first factory. The company introduces a line of consumer products, including electric irons and heating pads.

1995 - Precise Heater improves the process of shaping the popular harvest hat by replacing gas heat - both hard to control and confine - with special electric heating units designed to fit the shape of the dies.

1996 - Precise Heater introduces electric immersion heaters replacing cumbersome steam pipes and fire-hazardous gas.

1997 - Watlow builds a new 30,000 square foot facility on a 28-acre tract in Guangzhou.

1998 - Precise Heater's Ultrapure N-LINE Fluid Heaters heater line, PH®, is introduced.

1999 - Precise Heater opens a manufacturing facility in Zhejiang, ShangHai, and Shangdong to produce All kinds of Heaters and Immersion Coils

2000 - Precise Heater opens a new sales office in Singapore and Malaysia. Precise Heater opens a new 170,000 square foot facility in Zhongshan Guangdong, for manufacturing Rectifiers Power suppliers,Anode baskets,MMO Coated,Tubular Heaters and assemblies.

2001 - Precise Heater moves to a new 20,000 square foot silicone Rubber Heater manufacturing facility in Guangzhou, Guangdong. 

2004 - Precise Heater launches a smart sensing capability product line.

2006 - Precise Heater introduces integrated controller technology with the new line of controllers. Precise Heater opens a new manufacturing facility in HCMC, Vietnam. Precise Heater begins implementing Lean manufacturing throughout the organization.

2007 - Precise Heater opens a new Asia Application and Design Center in Singapore. Precise Heater bopens a semiconductor technology design center in Foshan, Guangzhou

2012 - Precise Heater opens a new sales office in India.

2014 - Precise Heater introduces the F4T process controller with touch-screen technology.

2015 - Precise Heater develops PTFE Immersion Coils Exchangers, a next generation heat exchanger

2016 - Precise Heater introduces All kinds of in-line heaters for Semiconductor

2021 - Precise Heater introduces Eh, an exhaust gas aftertreatment thermal management system.

2022 - Precise Heater introduces PS, Medium Voltage fully integrated control and heating system.




Treat others with respect

Share information, share wins and mistakes,
be open to discuss root causes

Display a can-do attitude, be bold!



Challenge the status quo, take initiative
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Achieve results, take action, and display urgency
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Focus on impact, solve the biggest problems
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Everyone is expected to make our company better

Take ownership of decisions, actions, and failures,
and hold others accountable

Do what’s right versus what’s easy



Think of our customer, both internal and external,
and deliver a WOW experience

Service matters, your passion and personality matter

Think different, anticipate and deliver
customer-centric innovations




Be passionate about personal and professional
development, never finish learning

View mistakes as opportunities to improve,
actively use 12 principles

Make a difference for ourselves, our customers,
team members and communities: “Carpe Diem!”

*Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

Our Team

Our success depends on your supply chain partners. You need to know each one is an expert in their field...a company dedicated to being your long-term partner in success. That's Precise Heater.


Let's be honest. You don't want to think twice about the ability and dependability of your critical suppliers. Here is what Precise Heater brings to the table:

  • Over 30 years of expertise in the thermal control business, with our combined engineering knowledge measured in centuries.
  • A "can-do" culture that takes on tough application challenges and providing solutions that produce positive results.
  • An engineering process that integrates our resources with yours to produce a collaborative solution that has considered all areas of design impact.
  • Deep in-house capabilities that combine niche, custom processes that otherwise would require multiple sourcing or secondary outside vendors.
  • Refined quality processes that ensure reproduction of performance parameters order after order.
  • Testing and life cycle capabilities for validation of new design or modification performance results.

VISION - To be a world-class manufacturer and recognized leader of engineered thermal solutions.

MISSION - To sustain profitable growth through the excellence of our products, systems and services to our customers for the success of our company's future.

QUALITY STATEMENT - We will meet customer expectations by focusing on annual quality objectives, continuous improvement and providing quality products, delivered on-time.


Give us the opportunity to demonstrate our extensive expertise. We're certain you'll agree, Precise Heater is the clear choice to be your thermal solutions partner.

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