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Metal Over The Side Electric Immersion Heater For Nickel Chrome Plating

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Precise Heater
Certification: CE,UL,CSA
Model Number: TP100233
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: 100 - 800 U.S Dollars
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 3 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 500PCS Per month
Detail Information
Applicable: Surface Finishing,Chemical And Electroplating Industry Power Source: Electric
Material: Stainless Steel And Titanium Application: Industry Heating Process
Voltage Available: 208-600V Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Power: 3000 -54000 Watts
High Light:

Electric Immersion Heater For Nickel Plating


Electric Immersion Heater For Chrome Plating


Metal Over The Side Immersion Heater

Product Description

Metal Over-The-Side Immersion Heater


Metal Over The Side Electric Immersion Heater For Nickel Chrome Plating 0


Precise Heater Over-the-Side heaters are designed to provide the maximum in application flexibility and to minimize installation cost. They are ideal for jobs where easy installation and quick replacement or cleaning must be accomplished without emptying the tank.

Construction Features

Sludge Leg Spacers

To prevent burnouts from spot overheating and to keep elements out of sludge that normally collects in the bottom of the tank. Standard legs are 1-1/2” high; lengths up to 4” are available at no extra charge.

Reinforced Risers

To strengthen the joint between the riser and element junction box. Gussets are welded to the box and riser to provide this reinforcement.

Extension Arm

To place outlet box 6” away from riser and process tank, preventing damage to electrical connections due to evaporation. Longer arms are available at a nominal additional charge.

Liquidproof Outlet Box

Protects electrical connections from wash downs, splashing and dripping. Standard on all heaters.


Heaters have welded joints, pressure tested before assembly.

Operating Temperatures

Standard heaters are designed for a maximum operating temperature of 250° F. Contact factory for higher temperature applications.

Over-the-Side Heaters are built with tubular electric resistance elements soldered or welded to a fabricated box. The heater can be installed in holding or storage tanks to heat a fluid. Standard designs utilize a riser tube to route the electrical wiring up above the fluid level of the tank.


Instructions for Industrial Control Panels, if provided, are per IOM ENM - 2179. For additional product information and offerings, refer to Indeeco catalog literature on Circulation Heaters, Immersion Heaters, or Tubular Heating Elements.


Standard construction is rated for 250o F. High temperature designs are also available. For high temperature heaters, the heater design features must be closely matched to the application. For end use applications, it is the responsibility of the installer to verify suitability through testing and installation of temperature regulating and temperature limiting controls.


The heating elements are available in various watt density ratings. Operating temperature, watt density and flow velocities (agitated tanks) determine the element surface temperature. Life expectancy of the heating element is directly related to its surface temperature.



Temperature regulating devices, temperature limiting controls, or low liquid level are recommended for use with Over-the-Side Heaters, to control the heating process and safeguard the heater from excessive temperatures that can cause damage. Also on liquid systems, damage to fluid could occur if the heater is allowed to exceed the maximum film temperature recommended by the manufacturer.


PreciseHeater Over-the-Side Heaters can be specially designed for use in hazardous areas as specified in Article 500 through 516 of the National Electrical Code. Refer to the heater nameplate for classification of the heater provided.


It is the ultimate responsibility of the user to verify that the construction materials provided in the PreciseHeater Immersion Heater are suitable for use with the process fluid. Specifically, corrosion issues must be reviewed. Heater watt density and operating temperature must also be properly matched to the application. Indeeco can provide assistance if operating conditions are provided, but cannot be responsible for heater failure due to corrosion or excessive temperature.



Handling and Storage

Care must be taken to avoid damage to the heater and tubular elements during storage and handling.

Protect the heater from weather damage during storage if shipping packaging is not sealed. It is recommended to store the heater in a cool dry area to help prevent the heating elements from drawing moisture.


Mechanical Instructions


Site Selection
Review the NEMA Type rating of the heater. Contact the factory if unsure of the rating. Do not install a heater in an area not consistent with its rating.


Allow sufficient free space around heater installation site. Work space for heater maintenance should be at least three feet in front of the heater. The minimum pull space for the Over-the- Side Heater installation or removal from the tank should be considered.



Electric heaters are capable of developing high temperatures. Therefore, extreme care should be taken to
avoid mounting heaters in an atmosphere containing combustible gases, vapors, dusts, or fibers unless properly marked as suitable for the condition.


Heater Orientation


This heater has been constructed for either horizontal or vertical mounting. It must be mounted in this manner, to prevent improper operation or damage.


In either case, the riser tube must be oriented vertically with the electrical outlet box located above the highest fluid level.


Liquid level switches and thermal protection must be positioned above the highest point of the heating elements to properly protect the heater.


When securing the heater to the tank is required, thermal expansion of the heating elements must be considered. Anchor at only one end, or provide slotted or sliding mounts at the other end of the heater. Thermal expansion of the heating elements can be approximated as:


Over-the-Side Heaters



Field supplied conductors must be sized for at least 125% of the circuit current.
To calculate the circuit (in amps):

Over-the-Side Heaters

Wiring to the heater should be permanently installed in metallic or non-metallic electrical grade conduit in accordance with all applicable electrical codes, and should include a grounding conductor if non-metallic conduit is used.


Field supply wiring must be rated for 600Vac. Use copper conductors.


The electrical installation should include a service disconnect switch in sight of the heater, as well as branch circuit over- current protection and over-temperature protection (if not provided with the heater).


Wiring recommendations noted on the wiring diagram when application data provided to Indeeco. An additional copy is provided on the wiring diagram inside the heater terminal box.


Where thermocouple extension wire is required between the heater and control panel, verify it is connected with proper polarity as shown on the wiring diagram. Failure to do so may result in an uncontrolled heater. Refer to the wiring diagram for the required wire type. Shielded wire is recommended to reduce signal interference.




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