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PVDF PP Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger Immersion Chemical Polymer Heat Exchangers

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Precise Heater
Certification: CE,UL,CSA
Model Number: PH1014
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: 200 - 1000 US.Dollars
Packaging Details: Special Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 3 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detail Information
Material: PVDF/PP Frame + PTFE Tube Applicable Industries: Surface Finishing , Chemical And Electroplating Industry
Maximum Working Pressure: 1.0Mpa Structure: Tube Heat Exchanger
Application: Heating And Cooling For Chemical Processing Tanks Medium: Steam And Water
High Light:

PP Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger


PVDF Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger


Immersion Chemical Polymer Heat Exchangers

Product Description

Polymer Immersion Coils Heat Exchangers for Chemical Processing Tanks


PVDF PP Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger Immersion Chemical Polymer Heat Exchangers 0


Teflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coils

Exchange area










Model No.
5.5 3/4 FNPT 11.5(292) 11.5(292) 2(51) XC-12-12
11 3/4 FNPT 15.5(394) 15.5(394) 2(51) XC-16-16
16.5 3/4 FNPT 17.5(445) 17.5(445) 2.36(60) XC-18-18
22 3/4 FNPT 19.7(500) 15.7(400) 2.36(60) XC-20-16
27.5 3/4 FNPT 19.7(500) 19.7(500) 2.36(60) XC-20-20
33 3/4 FNPT 23.5(597) 23.5(597) 2.36(60) XC-24-24
38.5 3/4 FNPT 27.5(700) 23.5(597) 2.36(60) XC-28-24
44 3/4 FNPT 27.5(700) 27.5(700) 2.76(70) XC-28-28
49.5 3/4 FNPT 31.5(800) 31.5(800) 2.76(70) XC-32-32
55 1 FNPT 33.9(860) 33.9(860) 2.76(70) XC-34-34
60.5 1 FNPT 35.5(900) 31.5(800) 2.76(70) XC-36-32
66 1 FNPT 35.5(900) 33.9(860) 2.76(70) XC-36-34
71.5 1 FNPT 35.5(900) 35.5(900) 2.76(70) XC-36-36
77 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 33.9(860) 3.15(80) XC-40-34
83.5 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 35.5(900) 3.15(80) XC-40-36
89 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 39.5(1000) 3.15(80) XC-40-40
94.5 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 39.5(1000) 3.15(80) XC-41-41
99 1 FNPT 43.3(1100) 39.5(1000) 3.15(80) XC-43-40
104 1-1/2 FNPT 43.3(1100) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90) XC-44-40
110 1-1/2 FNPT 45.3(1150) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90) XC-45-40
115 1-1/2 FNPT 47.2(1200) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90) XC-47-40
120 1-1/2 FNPT 47.2(1200) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90)



Polymer heat exchangers are suitable for heating and cooling a variety of media whe- re metallic plate heat exchangers cannot
be used.

The required size can be selected according to the desired thermal output and the con- tainer dimensions.


The heat exchangers are integrated in the container via either factory-fitted attach- ments, or via a mount on the frame. Alternatively, rods that protrude from the heat exchanger are available for fitting at the customer’s site.


The tube design implicates a large heat transfer area. The transfer area is even larger than with plate heat exchangers at the same displaced volume.


This means that an adequate thermal out- put can be achieved despite the lower heat transfer properties of polymers.


Polymer heat exchangers have PFA tubes which are wound onto supports. Spacers between the tubes ensure an adequate through flow with process media. The sup- ports are stabilised with frame rods which are covered with a protective plate



The distance between mounts and heat ex- changer body, or the protruding rod length, can be selected according to the customer’s needs.


The tubes are bundled via flanges to form inlet and outlet. The dimensions of the flan- ge required at the customer's site corre- sponds to standard EN 1092-1, type 5.


The polymer heat exchanger is suitable for heat transfer media with inlet flow tempera- tures of - 10°C to 110°C. It should be noted that the maximum operating pressure de- pends on the operating temperature. At an inlet flow temperature of 70°C, for example, it is 6bar.



The maximum possible temperature of the process media is determined by the material of the polymer heat exchanger. For PP it is 60°C, and for PVDF, 90°C.


The heat transition coefficient k depends on various application-specific influencing fac- tors, for example the heat transfer from the heat transfer medium to the PFA-tube.


This effect varies in magnitude depending on the flow speed of the medium.


The heat transfer coefficient in polymer heat exchangers is calculated ba- sed on the operating parameters, meaning the size is optimally adjusted for the applica- tion.


The polymer heat exchangers have been designed with the PFA/PTFE/FEP tube being the single pressurised polymer component.


The tube material features outstanding tem- perature resistance, even at elevated pressures. The tube wall thickness has been selected in order to achieve significant sta- bility with simultaneously high thermal con- ductivity.


The other components are not pressurised and serve solely to support the tubes so that materials such as PP and PVDF are sufficient- ly stable. This creates a combination of com- ponents optimised in terms of materials which is suitable for a wide range of opera- ting parameters.



Custom exchange area and size are available




PVDF PP Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger Immersion Chemical Polymer Heat Exchangers 1PVDF PP Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger Immersion Chemical Polymer Heat Exchangers 2

PVDF PP Frame Pipe Coil Heat Exchanger Immersion Chemical Polymer Heat Exchangers 3


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