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PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger

Basic Information
Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Precise Heater
Certification: CE,UL,CSA
Model Number: PH1004
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 unit
Price: 200 - 1000 US.Dollars
Packaging Details: Special Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 3 working days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Detail Information
Material: PVDF/PP Shell + PTFE Tube Applicable Industries: Surface Finishing,Chemical And Electroplating Industry
Maximum Working Pressure: 1Mpa Structure: Tube Heat Exchanger
Application: Heating And Cooling Any Chemical Solution Medium: Steam Or Water
High Light:

PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger


CSA coil immersion heat exchanger


Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger

Product Description

PTFE Coil Heat Exchangers & Immersion Heat Exchangers for Heating and Cooling applications

PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger 0PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger 1

Teflon(Fluorpolymer) Heating and cooling coils

Exchange area










Model No.
5.5 3/4 FNPT 11.5(292) 11.5(292) 2(51) XC-12-12
11 3/4 FNPT 15.5(394) 15.5(394) 2(51) XC-16-16
16.5 3/4 FNPT 17.5(445) 17.5(445) 2.36(60) XC-18-18
22 3/4 FNPT 19.7(500) 15.7(400) 2.36(60) XC-20-16
27.5 3/4 FNPT 19.7(500) 19.7(500) 2.36(60) XC-20-20
33 3/4 FNPT 23.5(597) 23.5(597) 2.36(60) XC-24-24
38.5 3/4 FNPT 27.5(700) 23.5(597) 2.36(60) XC-28-24
44 3/4 FNPT 27.5(700) 27.5(700) 2.76(70) XC-28-28
49.5 3/4 FNPT 31.5(800) 31.5(800) 2.76(70) XC-32-32
55 1 FNPT 33.9(860) 33.9(860) 2.76(70) XC-34-34
60.5 1 FNPT 35.5(900) 31.5(800) 2.76(70) XC-36-32
66 1 FNPT 35.5(900) 33.9(860) 2.76(70) XC-36-34
71.5 1 FNPT 35.5(900) 35.5(900) 2.76(70) XC-36-36
77 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 33.9(860) 3.15(80) XC-40-34
83.5 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 35.5(900) 3.15(80) XC-40-36
89 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 39.5(1000) 3.15(80) XC-40-40
94.5 1 FNPT 39.5(1000) 39.5(1000) 3.15(80) XC-41-41
99 1 FNPT 43.3(1100) 39.5(1000) 3.15(80) XC-43-40
104 1-1/2 FNPT 43.3(1100) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90) XC-44-40
110 1-1/2 FNPT 45.3(1150) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90) XC-45-40
115 1-1/2 FNPT 47.2(1200) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90) XC-47-40
120 1-1/2 FNPT 47.2(1200) 39.5(1000) 3.54(90)



We also deliver fluoroplastic heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are made of fluoroplastics such as PTFE, FEP an PFA. Fluoroplastics are fully resistant against corrosive liquids and have very good non-stick properties. This means there is no building up of pollution and it reduces fouling and scaling. Fluoroplastics are pure and contain no softeners or plasticisers and are therefore very suitable for handling ultra-high-pure (UHP) applications in the semi-conductor industry.

All types of fluoroplastic heat exchanger units feature a proven unique honeycomb structure. The tubes are integrated in the pipe sheet which provides a lightweight compact bundle design. This ensures a leak free flow of the process liquids. Teflon heat exchangers are almost maintenance free and have a very long lifetime.


Shell & tube heat exchangers


Shell and Tube heat exchangers are single pass, typically countercurrent flow units designed for heating, cooling and condensing applications. Units incorporate flexible fluoropolymer tube bundles joined together to form integral honeycomb tube sheets and are available with FEP or Q-Series tubing with PTFE lined heads. Standard shell construction is carbon steel. Other shell materials available on request. The heat exchangers are ASME coded and equipped with nozzles according to ANSI or DIN. For a better heat transfer performance the heat exchangers can be equipped with PFA/Graphite tubes (Q-series).




Coils are widely used in the metal finishing and chemical processing industries, and are especially suited to batch and continuous steel pickling applications. The inherent non-stick characteristics of Teflon® resist corrosion and fouling, extend heat exchanger service life, and improve value-in-use through savings in plant maintenance costs.


Tube bundle


Tube bundle heat exchangers are used for heating and cooling of corrosive fluids in a wide range of processes and applications. The well-known non-stick characteristics of fluoropolymer resist corrosion and reduce fouling. Reactor Coils are designed for immersion directly into the process vessel, and are most efficient when agitated in the process solution. During agitation, the flexing action of the coils helps reduce fouling and dislodges deposits that may have formed. This and other unique design features make the Reactor Coil ideal for crystallizer applications.




Minicoils heat exchangers fully made of fluoroplastics are suitable for small pickling baths. The inherently high electrical resistance also helps prevent short circuits and stray currents in plating baths.


Custom exchange area and size are available



PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger 2PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger 3

PTFE Coil Immersion Heat Exchanger Fluoropolymer Teflon Tube Heat Exchanger 4


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