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Mixed Metal Oxide MMO Anodes

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Precise Heater
Certification: CSA,UL,CE
Model Number: MMP1001
Minimum Order Quantity: 1PCS
Price: 200-800 U.S Dollars
Packaging Details: Export Wooden Case
Delivery Time: 7 days
Payment Terms: L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 400PCS Per Month
Detail Information
Product Name: Iridium-Tantalum Coated Titanium Anode Coating: Rutheium Iridium Oxide
Technique: Acid Washing Keyword: Iridium-Tantalum Coating
High Light:

Mixed Metal Oxide MMO Anodes


Water Treatment MMO Anodes


Seawater Electrolysis Mixed Metal Oxide Anodes

Product Description

MMO Anodes (Mixed Metal Oxide) for Cathodic Protection


Ruthenium Iridium Titanium Anodes


Mixed Metal Oxide MMO Anodes 0Mixed Metal Oxide MMO Anodes 1


Because of a very flexible production facility, we are able to manufacture anodes of all types: sheet, plate, mesh, wire, rod, tubular or combinations and/or assemblies of these materials. Their size and number vary from several cm2 to 2 m2 and from 1 to 10,000 pieces. The process in which the anodes are used determines size, shape and coating specification of an anode.

Important parameters determining the anode design are:

◆ The electrochemical cell or installation wherein the anodes are used

◆ The process conditions, such as electrolyte composition, temperature, current density, design life, etc.

◆ Mechanical load of the anode

◆ Capacity of electrical conductivity of the base material.

All anodes are produced according to customer specifications. When these specifications are not yet completely determined, our engineers are pleased to use their knowledge and experience to finalise the design together with the customer.

Main application areas Anodes and coatings Details
Cathodic Protection

KERAMOX® Titanium anode

Platinised Titanium

Anodes based on Niobium or Tantalum

All round applicable

At high current densities, for example in sea water

High voltages or strongly corrosive electrolytes

Seawater electrolysis

KERAMOX® Titanium anode

Titanium with a Ruthenium Mixed Metal Oxide coating

Titanium with a Platinum-Iridium Oxide coating

Depending on amongst others temperature and salinity

Titanium with an Iridium Mixed Metal Oxide coating

Platinised Titanium

In highly acidic environments such as:

Electro galvanising (zinc plating)

Anodising of Aluminium

Chromium, Nickel,Tin, etc. plating

Precious metal plating

Reverse pulse Copper plating

Hard Chromium plating

Precious metal plating

Water treatment

Platinised Titanium

Titanium with an Iridium Mixed Metal Oxide coating

Boron-Doped-Diamond anodes

Electro dialysis with polarity reversal

Recovery of metals

Oxidation and break-down of organic contaminations

Higher overpotentials,amongst others for disinfection

Hypo chlorite & Disinfection

Titanium with a Ruthenium Mixed Metal Oxide coating

Titanium with an Iridium Mixed Metal Oxide coating

Titanium with a Platinum-Iridium Oxide coating

Depending on salinity, polarity reversal and current density
Synthesis reactions

Platinised Titanium

Titanium with an Iridium Mixed Metal Oxide coating

Boron-Doped-Diamond anodes

Depending on the particular reaction

At higher overpotentials


Hydrogen production Nickel electrodes with a precious metal coating

Coating process by means of exchange plating

The purpose is to decrease the overpotentials


Ruthenium iridium coated titanium anode
Material Gr1 titanium as substrate, Ruthenium-Iridium oxide as coating
Coating Thickness 8~12micron

1. Current density≤2000A/M2

2. Temperature<60°C

3. PH 0.1~14

4. Max content of Fluoride ion is 200PPM

Dimension & Shape

1. Plate/Tube/Rod/Mesh shape, different dimension is available

2. or according to client's drawing


1. Effective and environmental

2. High current efficiency

3. High anti-corrosion property

4. Long working life

5. Keep the operating voltage stably

6. Small size & light weight

7. Repetitive titanium matrix. Etc.


1.Water ionizer or water electrolysis

*Making alkaline and acidic water

2.Waste water treatment

*Organic sewage treatment, *Chemical sewage treatment,

*Pesticide sewage treatment, *Drinking water disinfection,

*Bleaching & dyeing, *Swimming pool

*Domestic sewage treatment, *Hospital sewage treatment,

*Food industry disinfection etc.

3.Sodium Hypochlorite Generator & Chlorinator

*Swimming pool water treatment

*Water sterilization & water purification,


4.Sea water electrolysis or Electrodialysis

*Desalination, *Material recycling in the waste water,

*Paper making, *Chemical, medical industry,

*Light industry, *Metallurgy,

*Making fresh water, etc.

5.Chlor-Alkali Industry

*Caustic soda and chlorine production



Mixed Metal Oxide MMO Anodes 2

Mixed Metal Oxide MMO Anodes 3

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